Mizo mipa Sex Picure



  1. 1
    Black Kobra Says:

    he picture ho hi a sexy viau mytei min lo hrethiam mai dawn nia

  2. 6
    Maroa chhakchhuak Says:

    Dear; te
    a vawihbawm ka ti dawn nge? hehehehehehehhe…
    a va’n hlui ve a.eheheheheheheeheheh

  3. 7
    Andy Says:

    vin sexy ve a

  4. 8
    johan Says:

    a va tenawm ve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! zawng ho

  5. 9
    justin Says:

    the people who are criticising and abhorent this pic are tabloid hiprocript coz they are browsing mizo sex…………………

  6. 10
    Gamer Says:

    A angve hlwm hlemy

  7. 11
    Black Kobra Says:

    thianho pakhat te tihder mai mai anih hi, mawng ang deuh ho hi khup tomna lai ani e,tilte lang hi chu soilo mai ang,mi pangai uang mai mai an ni e

  8. 12
    Sitei Says:

    An van che tak em

  9. 13
    Sitei Says:

    A wm khw loh thlak emei……voih uih ho

  10. 14
    lalbiakmawia Says:

    A va Mk ve a….😣😶😥

  11. 15
    hriata Says:

    a va tha hlwm ve w

  12. 16
    gors Says:

    nuam khawp ang chu…

  13. 17
    Duata Says:

    Wm khwloh hi cu nuam ve lwm haha

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